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Governors & Actuators

HEINZMANN & REGULATEURS EUROPA governors – actuators are recognized for their great reliability and durability along with their excellent performance.
Available in a wide range, these speed governors are perfectly configurable in order to meet any application's requirements. Combined with the appropriate actuator, HEINZMANN control units make up high-quality governor systems for diesel engines, gas engines, dual fuel engines and gas turbines, water turbines, steam turbines.
For more than 100 years, HEINZMANN has been developing and manufacturing high-performance actuators. The portfolio encompasses electric actuators for any type of engine, for original fitting just like for retrofitting.
Recognised for their fast and precise performance, HEINZMANN actuators are robust and operate reliably - reflecting the highest quality demands we make on our products.
Regulateurs Europa is providing diesel engine governors since the 1960s, and offering total integrated solutions for control and monitoring technology in the industrial, marine, traction and power generation industries.

Dual Fuel Systems

  • Conversion from diesel to dual-fuel combustion happens for two main reasons: The reduction of fuel costs and the reduction of emissions. HEINZMANN dual-fuel systems rely on proven components and offer solutions for the specific requirements of stationary gensets, compressor applications, vehicles and engines. Through precise control of diesel and gas metering they ensure optimal performance in both diesel and dual-fuel mode. The features and benefits of ARTEMIS systems include:

    • High conversion ratios
    • Improved engine response
    • Fixed or variable diesel in gas mode
    • Separate governor settings for diesel, gas and transfer mode
    • Automatic mode selection, automatic switch to diesel if gas supply fails
    • Suitable for different gas qualities: Natural gas, sewage gas, landfill gas
    • Low investment costs

Engine & Turbine Management

The management of combustion engine and turbine applications is the core business of HEINZMANN. From an expert for governing components, the company has turned into a provider for complete engine management systems. In view of ever more restrictive emission standards, HEINZMANN also offers sophisticated emission management solutions for combustion engines. Through the affiliated companies of the HEINZMANN group, the product range and know-how keep expanding, enabling HEINZMANN to attend its customers with an “all solutions from one source” approach. Today, HEINZMANN systems operate in thousands of installations worldwide - as part of original equipment and in retrofitted systems.


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