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HEINZMANN UK is an independent European manufacturer and world supplier of rotating machinery controls, who specialises in control systems for Gas, Steam and Hydro Turbines and their applications. We offer specialist control design and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom for new and retrofit industrial turbines of all types and sizes.

We have a consistent approach to all applications using our own comprehensive range of electric actuators and digital controls applied with the best industry standard controls products. Our reference list includes several OEM turbine suppliers and applications for most makes of gas turbine.

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VGV Actuator selected by Siemens for gas turbine SGT-400

HEINZMANN vane actuator on Siemens SGT-400 gas turbine

Press Release (January, 2014)

HEINZMANN are pleased to announce that Siemens have selected the VGV Variable Guide Vane Actuator for use in production of the core engine of the gas turbine SGT-400. The actuator is part of the portfolio of Heinzmann UK Ltd., a member of the corporate group which specialises in controls for turbines of all types and sizes. It has been approved by Siemens after extensive development. Heinzmann UK has reacted to the customer’s needs by working closely with the client to achieve a solution that was cost effective and technically compatible with the existing core engine design.

variable guide vane actuator by HEINZMANN UKThe VGV has an advantage over competitors’ equivalent units as it is purely electric; hydraulics and pneumatics are no longer required. Serial production has begun of 50 per annum. Development is now taking place for a similar smaller unit for the Siemens SGT-100 gas turbine's core engine.