Gas admission valve based

Dual-Fuel System ARTEMIS for Marine Propulsion Engines

For marine applications, focus is shifting to dual fuel technology, aiming for a significant reduction in fuel costs as well as compliance with stricter emission standards. The ARTEMIS Dual Fuel System offers a complete, tailor-made dual-fuel solution based on proven and certified components. For large low and medium-speed engines with an output power range between 1000 kW and 10 MW, the multi-point gas admission based ARTEMIS version is best suited to avoid fuel losses. It incorporates a dual-fuel ECU, multiple gas admission valves and an EFI controller as main components. The single port gas injection concept assures best load response, a low risk of backfiring and optimal conditions regarding fuel consumption and emissions.

Illustration of the ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel System

Illustration of the ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel System

ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel Components

Component Description Documents
ECU for dual-fuel system ARTEMIS

highly efficient ECU featuring

  • control logics for diesel and gas
  • sophisticated safety and engine monitoring strategies
  • gas train monitoring
  • unlimited diesel operation of any time

Gas mixer
gas mixer GM200

gas mixers delivering very homogenous gas/air mixture over the speed and load range, pressure drop maintained to a minimum thanks to the Venturi insert

Data Sheet
Throttle valve and
Throttle valve with integrated actuator DG-3010-10 DK50
throttle valve with integrated positioner for soft switching to dual-fuel mode and for precise control of gas flow
Sensors for pressure and temperature monitoring (gas, air, cooling water, exhaust)
>> See sensors page for details

Knock control

Misfire detection

optional components for misfire detection and knock control

DcDesk Communication Software

Window's based software for configuration, parameterization and programming of HEINZMANN controllers, providing manifold graphics, printouts and data records
Parameters of the control device may be adjusted during operation and the response can be monitored directly.

Leaflet DcDesk 6.0

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